Member Benefits

All GNWS members will receive access to a Global Network of Women’s Shelters. With your membership fees, we will work towards achieving the following:

  1. Global Network of Women’s Shelters will support those shelters and other organizations that are facing:
    1. political challenges
    2. environmental or natural disasters
    3. other challenging situations (eg: wars and conflict)
  2. Members will receive information and data, including the Global Shelter Data Count and the GNWS Membership email listserv.
  3. Information about coordinated efforts by GNWS, when available, GNWS will share news alerts, conference announcements, and other relevant information
  4. Amplifying voices of organizations and women working at grassroots level
  5. Advocacy and representation of grassroots movements through higher mechanisms such as the UN and national networks
  6. Discounted rate to the conference for members


Member Responsibilities

  1. Adhere and promote” the guiding principles
  2. Provide updated contact info
  3. Participate in the annual global count
  4. Keep informed about news
  5. Promote the formations of networks in your area
  6. Participate in activism locally and globally
  7. As a network, you would be responsible for supporting the collective actions of the global network


All members are expected to pay annual dues based on the organization’s annual operating budget. Members can request an exemption if they are unable to pay the dues amount.

Operating Budget (USD) Annual Dues (USD)
$1 ‐ $20,000 $20
$20,000 – $100,000 $50
$100,000 - $500,000 $100
$500,000 ‐ $999,999 $200
$1,000,000 + $500
Governments $1000

If you’re not able to pay any fees, you can request a waiver.