GNWS encourages membership applications from networks of shelters and any anti-violence against women organizations working to create safe spaces or advocacy for women, such as: women's shelters, refuges, safe homes, transition homes, gender-based violence against women centres and other anti-violence centres. All applying organizations must adhere to GNWS' guiding principles, vision, and purpose to apply for membership. At this time, membership is not open to individuals.

The GNWS (Interim) Board will review all membership applications and decide whether or not the application will be accepted.

GNWS has three types of membership available:

  • General Membership:  General members are regional and national networks of shelters as determined by the GNWS board (currently an interim board). This type of membership will have voting rights once GNWS becomes a legal entity. Only national or regional networks can nominate representatives to the GNWS board for their global region.
  • Associate Membership: Associate members are individual shelters, agencies, voluntary organizations, nongovernmental organisations or centres that make a commitment to follow GNWS' guiding principles, vision, and purpose. These individual organisations are not eligible to become members of the GNWS Board.
  • Honorary or Individual Membership: This membership is for individual supporters, honorary members or government entities who make significant contributions to GNWS and the movement to end violence against women, in kind or financially.

Organizations that are operated by government agencies will be granted associate membership only on a case by case basis.

All current GNWS members share GNWS' vision and purpose and their work is guided by GNWS' guiding principles.

We encourage all organizations to:

  • Work with your existing national or regional networks, and,
  • Encourage other organizations to join us by associating with our active and growing Global Network of Women's Shelters.

GNWS wants to support the creation of regional and national networks whenever possible. Since GNWS began, we have added national networks of women's shelters in Canada, Vietnam and Nepal.

Membership Application

Interested organizations can apply online at