GNWS promotes and supports regional networking, especially at our World Conference of Women's Shelters.  Based on the UN Model, GNWS Interim Governing Board adopted the global regions below to be represented on the GNWS Interim Board.  In supporting regional self-determination, we are aware that some of the regional and continental networks that eventually form might be slightly different than these proposed global regions. Once regional women's shelter networks grow stronger and organize, a self-determined global region may propose that GNWS Interim Board revise which countries are part of each representative global region.

Representation Selection Process:

  • Each region will determine how and who should represent them in the governance structure.
  • Each region will determine their selection process.

GNWS Region

Number of Board Members
Africa 5
Asia 3
Europe 5
Latin America 3
North America 2
Oceania 4
Indigenous / Aboriginal / First Nations 3