After the Global Network of Women's Shelters was founded, we needed to come up with a temporary governance model to use until we could expand membership enough to become a global board with proportional regional representation. For this interim stage it was decided that all the people and agencies who founded, and continued to be active in GNWS would be members of the Interim Board.

It was decided that this interim body would be led by 2 co-chairs representing the northern and southern hemisphere.  Bandana Rana of Saathi-Nepal is our current GNWS Chair (south). The northern co-chair is temporarily vacant.  GNWS's Interim Executive Board has 3 working committees: (1) Communications and Awareness, (2) Policy, and (3) Membership and Governance.

GNWS Interim Executive Board is comprised of representatives of:

Listed below, are the current members of the Interim Executive Board.

GNWS Region   Organization
Africa   African Network of Women's Shelters
Asia   Asian Network of Women's Shelters - Hui-Jung Chi, Anthony Carlisle
The Americas   Inter American Network of Women's Shelters (Red Interamericana de Refugios RIRE) - Margarita Guillé Tamayo
Europe   Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) - Rosa Logar, Maria Rösslhumer
GNWS Region Country Organization
Oceania Australia WESNET (The Women's Services Network) - Julie Oberin, Margaret Augerinos
Middle East Israel Naamat Israel- Ruth Ozery
Asia Taiwan

Garden of Hope Foundation - Hui-Jung Chi, Anthony Carlisle

Asia Vietnam Domestic Violence Prevention Network in Vietnam (Mạng lưới phòng chống bạo lực gia đình tại Việt Nam) - Van Anh Nguyen
Asia Nepal Saathi-Nepal - Bandana Rana
Asia Pakistan  Gender Responsive Policing Project - Khola Iram
Africa Rwanda

Rwanda Women Community Development Network - Mary Balikungeri

Latin America Mexico Refugios-Mujeres Red Nacional de Refugios para Mujeres - Rosa María Salazar
North America Canada

Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses / Réseau canadien des maisons d'hébergement pour femmes - Lise Martin, Cynthia Fraser

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (ACWS) - Jan Reimer

Fédération de ressources d’hébergement pour femmes violentées et en difficulté du Québec - Manon Monastesse

A Safe Place - Patricia Vargas

North America United States

National Network to End Domestic Violence - Cindy Southworth, Kaofeng Lee, Erica Olsen

Day One® - Colleen Schmitt

Europe Armenia Women's Right Center - Susanna Vardanyan
Europe Denmark Danner 
Europe England

Women's Aid Federation of England

Imkaan - Marai Larasi

Europe Iceland Stigamot - Gudrun Jonsdottir
Europe Italy D.i.Re - Donne in Rete contro la violenza (national umbrella organization) - Anna Pramstrahler, Marcella Pirrone
Europe Sweden Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres, SKR (Sveriges Kvinno- och Tjejjourers Riksförbund, SKR) - Katarina Bjökgren, Olga Persson
Europe Netherlands

Federation of Shelter Organisations (Dutch umbrella organisation) - Riekje Kok, Liesbeth van Bemmel, Aleid vd Brink 

A goal of the Interim Governing Board is to promote and support the development of regional networking so that the future GNWS Governing Board will have balanced representation from each global region during votes and participation and input from as many national networks as possible when discussing issues and challenges impacting women and their children facing violence.