Since 2009, GNWS has run an annual Global Women's Shelter Data Count to better demonstrate the lifesaving work and vital roles of women's shelters worldwide. This Global Count is a snapshot of one day in the lives of women seeking refuge at women’s shelters in commmunities around the world. Shelter participation in this count is increasing annually: Shelters from 24 countries participated in 2009, 30 countries in 2010, 36 countries in 2011, and 44 countries in 2012. We anticipate and hope to have more than 50 countries participating in 2013.

Who Should Participate in the Annual Count?

  1. We ask women’s shelters to participate, either individually or through your regional/national women's shelter networks. Note: In your region, women's shelters may more commonly be known as refuges, transition houses, or interval homes.
  2. In addition, some countries do not have women’s shelters but do have women’s organizations that are working hard to create safe places for women. We welcome your participation as well.

Are You Part of a Network of Women's Shelters?

National or regional Women's Shelter Networks can provide many supports to individual shelters in various communities.

  • Some networks translate the Global Shelter Data Questions into local languages. 
  • Some networks gather the data that all local women's shelters collected in their network and then submit this information to GNWS on your behalf. 

If you are not sure, ask GNWS or other women's shelters if there is a network in your region. If you are part of a network, please ask your network how it's involved with GNWS's annual Global Shelter Data Count.

When Does the Annual Global Shelter Data Count Occur?

In Early September, we usually send out the survey questions for that year.

By Mid-November, we usually ask participating shelters/networks to have submitted your data.

You can choose your own Shelter Data Count Day. Your organization or/and network may choose any date that works well for you within GNWS's timeframe for that year. When choosing your shelter data count day, consider:

  1. When will GNWS send out that year's survey questions?
  2. Can you provide enough advance notice to participating shelters so they can plan for data count day and inform their staff?
  3. Are there dates that can help build awareness for your shelter or network?
  4. Have dates already been selected by your national or regional network?
  5. Have you left enough time to collect and submit your data to ACWS/GNWS before the deadline?  

After shelters submit their data, we collate results, check them with you, and release the report around March of the following year around the time of International Women's Day.

Where Can I Get Global Shelter Data Count Reports?

To view our 2009 - 2015 Global Shelter Data Count Reports, go to:

Language Translation Needed

Currently GNWS is an entirely volunteer run organization.  We rely on volunteers from around the world to translate the global shelter count Questions and Reports for their regions and countries.  If you translate all or some of the GNWS Report or Data Count Questions (even for a short press release), GNWS would love to post those translated version on this website. This will increase accessibility to others who speak those same languages. Please contact us.

Will you share pictures with GNWS to reflect your shelter work?

We are seeking pictures of women and women's shelters around the world to help illustrate the global women's shelter data count and to build an image bank that GNWS can use for our website and publications that reflect your realities. If you are permitted and able to share some of your photos, posters or drawings please: