We are pleased to announce that UN Women released a new Shelter Module in their Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

This Shelter Module illustrates why women's shelters and safe spaces are so important to all our communities in the work to end violence against women and girls worldwide.

  • Shelter Guiding Principles address core issues including why women's shelters need to be run by independent women's organizations, promote women's empowerment and self determination, be open to all women, prioritize safety and security, and, have services that are tailored to the diverse needs of those seeking support.  
  • Shelter Planning and Design provides practical information to help women get started with developing a programme framework and establishing and operating a women's shelter facility.
  • Shelter Implementation covers a breadth of issues ranging from national legal frameworks and public policy issues to practices that promote accessibility, specialized shelters for various forms of violence, safety and protection services, counseling and support services, advocacy and coordinated community responses, and, social and economic supports.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation illuminates general considerations for shelters and covers frameworks and conducting monitoring and evaluation, as well as, reporting and applying the results.

It is available in English, and is being translated into Spanish and French.

URL: http://www.endvawnow.org/en/modules/view/15-shelter.html