November 25th is the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

A World Health Organization (2005) study estimates that at least one in every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Given these horrendous statistics, we ask you to take time to think about the many women and girls in your family, workplace, neighborhood, school, community, country, and across the world.

There are women and girls in your life who might never tell you that they've been harmed or are currently being abused. In a majority of cases, women and girls are being harmed by a man they know. 

  1. How could you make a positive difference in their lives? 
  2. How can you help make your community safer for women and girls to live full lives free from violence?  
  3. What can you do to help prevent future violence against women and girls? 

Join us in our Global Call To Action urging governments, at all levels, to take the needed actions to address and end violence against women and children.