Global Network of Women's Shelters

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In March during the meeting of Global Network of Women’s Shelter Bandana Rana stepped down as chair of GNWS and  Chi Hui-Jung was chosen as the new chair.
Chi Hui-Jung is the CEO of the Garden of Hope Foundation and a well-known Taiwanese activist, who pioneered advocating for the establishment of laws to prevent gender violence, initiated plans to build shelters for domestic violence survivors, and founded the Formosan Daughter Awards to encourage girls to challenge gender stereotypes.

Statement from Chi as the new chair of GNWS:

‘I would like to thank Bandana Rana for her leadership. She has been a wonderful ambassador for GNWS and a great leader for not just the shelter movement, but for women all over the world. Although she is stepping down in her official position as GNWS chair, we know that she will continue to work for shelters and fight to end violence against women. As the new chair of GNWS  I will continue to strengthen GNWS as a networking platform for shelter organizations and domestic violence protection and prevention organizations. Actions will continue to focus on