Provide information

The worldwide information we gather in this women’s helpline project will provide a solid base for analysis, advocacy and action.

We now have information about 80 countries = approx. 40% of all countries. 78% of these countries has a national women’s helpline for victims of domestic violence. 36% of these countries has a specialized helpline for sexual violence, another 25% of these countries refer victims of sexual violence to the national helpline of domestic violence. We want to collect information from all countries (196) and in next three years we strive for 85% countries having a national women’s helpline DV and 50% countries having a specialized national women’s helpline SV.

Here above you see a worldmap where you can see from which countries we still need information. Is your country missing? Please provide us with information of helplines sexual and/or domestic violence in your country. Even if there is none, it is important information for us!

Fill out this short questionnaire for your country. Thank you very much!

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