The GNWS Women's Helplines Project

If a woman needs help, what number do you want to give her?

Imagine if…

…Your niece is backpacking across South East Asia and she texts you that she was just raped.
…Your colleague based in your Argentina Headquarters quietly tells you that she is being abused by her husband.
…Two women in rural Africa being harassed by a gang of young men look for help and protection.

And the last thing you want to do is to inadvertently send your niece, colleague or the two African women to a sketchy organization which advertises that they help victims, but in reality is kidnapping and trafficking girls and women.

Currently across the globe

  • There is NO respected global website that lists accurate, vetted, safe resources for victims of domestic and sexual violence in every country across the world.
  • There is no global organization responsible for collecting and constantly updating reliable and accurate helpline information on every continent.
  • Over 20% of the countries worldwide do not provide women’s helplines.

Help us

  • organize a global website where everybody, victims of domestic and sexual violence, supporting family/friends and professionals, can easily find trustworthy women’s helpline information of every country in the world.
  • organize international and national strategies to create, support and secure women’s helplines and crisishelp in every country of the world.
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