Australian domestic violence perpetrator program rehabilitates violent offenders

In Canberra -Australia’s capital-, there is a one-on-one program called EveryMan aiming to rehabilitate domestic violence perpetrators. The voluntary program is targeted at men who have expressed commitment to make a genuine change.

EveryMan has been running by Simon Port, who is a violence prevention services co-ordinator. The organisation has been funded through the ACT government and reaches on average 25 men each year. However, Mr. Port said that number is incredibly small for those men who need the service in Canberra.

“We strongly believe that men putting their hand up for help is a rare opportunity. It’s something that firstly we need to cherish, and we need to work as quickly as possible with these men whilst they’re in that mindframe.” Mr. Port explained.

Through their link with ACT Policing, EveryMan is able to see how many of their clients return to court on domestic violence charges. Indeed, they have a recidivism rate of less than 7 per cent, Mr Port said. Following a violent attack to his wife, Alan was recommended to EveryMan’s program by his lawyer, and was keen to attend it. He expressed how,

“I personally decided to change and say I’ll take full responsibility for my actions and accept that”

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