Calling on organizations to share your information! is the first global website with a complete, accurate, and reliable listing of helplines and shelters in every country, to quickly become one of the linked-to webpages in the anti-violence against women sector. We are calling on organisations to join us!

What is is a global website where everybody, victims of gender-based violence (including domestic and sexual violence), supporting family, friends and professionals can easily find trustworthy direct help information of every country in the world. Every helpline or organization on is safe, will provide a listening ear, understands what victims need, is part of a broader crisis-help network, and can answer your questions or call for help.

I am convinced, what do I do?

You can read the manual of filling in the directory by following this link.

After that you can add your organization by following this link.

Thank you for joining!

Missed CSW65 Webinar on Global Helplines Project?

The Global Helplines Project webinar on CSW65 went successfully.  Great thanks to moderator, speakers, and audience to make this webinar inspiring and wonderful.  We received great feedback from our audience.  We are sorry that you missed our CSW65 webinar on Global Helplines Project: Lila.Help.  No worries, we heard you.  So here’s the link to recap of our wonderful webinar.

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