4WCWS exhibition booth/table price is going up!

The fee of the exhibition booth/table will be going up after Friday, May 10! Large booths with a walled space and other facilities for US$600, and a simpler standalone table with basic facilities for US$300. Both are available at cost price. Bank charges are not included. Please apply for the booth through the link below. Register now!

Please note that you are responsible for decorating and staffing your booth/table. We do not expect you to have someone on duty all the time but recommend you assign a member of staff to at your booth/table during lunch and coffee breaks.

Please also remember that if you cancel your booth at any time up until October 7, 2019, you will be charged a 50% processing fee. You may apply to transfer ownership of your booth to another organization up until October 7, 2019, with a US$50 administrative transfer fee. Other than exceptional circumstances, no refunds will be given and no transfers will be accepted from October 8, 2019

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