CSW66 parallel event: Worldwide Women’s Helplines


On March 14th 2022, the digital CSW66 parallel event ‘Worldwide Women’s Helplines Project: Where We Are’ took place. During this webinar, we heard about the preparations for the launch of Lila.help, and got different regional updates from our network around the world. Great thanks to the moderator and all speakers!

We want to give a special thanks to Marta Chumalo from Centre Women’s Perspectives in Ukraine, for the wonderful work they are doing and the time Marta took to record a video for this event. If anyone would like to support their organization working for women’s rights in Ukraine, you can donate here: www.betterplace.at/support-womens-human-rights-defenders-in-ukraine

Did you miss the CSW66 webinar? No worries! You can view the recording here.

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