The Global Network of Women’s Shelters launches a global directory of support services for people experiencing gender-based violence. 

After a year of IT development, gathering helpline and shelter information, and preparation the time has come!

On April 6th, the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) is launching their global directory of support services for people fleeing from domestic and sexual violence. is easily accessible for everyone – a survivor, family or friends, service providers, embassy or tourism staff, or anyone looking to find support. Join us for our official launch with our funder, UN Women.

Register via launch April 6 8AM EDT


Help us become even better: Donate now!

By donating you enable us to:

  • Dig deeper: help us identify and support the available shelters and NGOs in every country and territory in the world
  • Provide hyper-local support: besides the organization functioning at the national level, we want every regional shelter and local service provider to be found in our directory
  • Make our website more user friendly: e.g. by providing specialized search (search option for wheelchair accessible shelters, or services where they speak a certain language, shelters that accept pets, etc.)
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