The GNWS in New York for CSW67

For this year’s UN Commission on the Status of Women, several members of the GNWS traveled to New York City to attend UN side events, NGO parallel events and meet with changemakers from all over the world. Additionally, we (co-)hosted two events ourselves!

Power Up: Women’s Tech and Innovation Reception

On Thursday, March 9th,, and Meta hosted “Power Up” – a special reception in celebration of women leaders in tech and innovation, gender equality, and women’s safety. The reception took place for four hours (4-8pm) at the Meta Office in New York. It was an evening of networking, cocktails and engaging conversation with some of the most influential women at the forefront of tech and policy. The GNWS is very grateful to have had this opportunity to promote our global directory of support services for victims of gender-based violence: With over 400 attendees the reception was a success and a great place to connect with shelter workers, women’s organizations, and women leaders in tech from all over the world.

Technology & Innovation: Threat or Opportunity for Women’s Safety?

On Wednesday March 15th, the GNWS hosted a parallel event at the NGO Forum of CSW67. During this hybrid event, we discussed how technological innovation can help increase women’s safety, but we also shed a light on the digital dimensions of gender-based violence. We heard from our partners UN Women and Accor, our project leader, and GNWS representatives from all continents. We were happy to share our updates and announcements with the 120 online registrants and over 50 in person participants, and to be able to engage in a conversation about women’s safety across the globe.

In case you missed our parallel event, you can watch the recording here!

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