Global Network of Women's Shelters

In Canberra -Australia's capital-, there is a one-on-one program called EveryMan aiming to rehabilitate domestic violence perpetrators. The voluntary program is targeted at men who have expressed commitment to make a genuine change. 

In Myanmar, the Ministry of Home affairs has sparked controversy for attributing a 28 per cent increase in reported cases of rape to factors such as victims’ drunkenness, and for encouraging women and girls to dress modestly to prevent rape.

Erika Martino, a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, has conducted a research study highlighting affordable permanent housing as a key means to recovery for people leaving circumstances of domestic and family violence.

Women have been disproportionaly affected by social inequalities like lower wages, low education levels and high unemployment rates which translates to unaffordable, unsafe, and low quality housing situations. 

Partner violence has been consistently found to be linked with child neglect and abuse.

In Australia, the government has responded to a report documenting high levels of family violence in child protection cases.