Global Network of Women's Shelters


There is currently no comprehensive global list of helplines for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Over 20% of countries do not even have a women’s helpline


• build a website of accurate, safe and vetted women’s helpline information from every country in the world.

• organize international and national strategies to create, support and secure women’s helplines and crisis help in every country of the world.


LEARN MORE at CSW64 New York

DATE:      10 March

TIME:       2:30-4pm

VENUE:   4 W 43rd Street ROOM: Social Hall

What are the keys to making impactful presentations at major conferences? How can you connect with an audience? How can you balance meeting your audience's expectations while also getting your message across? These questions and more were answered by Kim Stockham (pictured above), Head of Corporate Communications, APAC, Expedia Group, in a webinar held especially for 4WCWS presenters last month.

The webinar was designed to help speakers and presenters to prepare for 4WCWS, and give tips on how to make powerful presentations in other contexts. Kim is an experienced trainer who regularly works with Expedia’s most senior leaders and spokespeople to prepare them for media interviews, internal presentations, and stage and panel appearances.

As part of Expedia Group’s CSR program, Kim kindly took time out of her busy schedule to help 4WCWS presenters connect with their audience, get their message across, build confidence on stage, and polish their presentation skills. Drawing on the ancient art of storytelling, Kim gave advice on how to land key messages, use data, and speak to the social-media generation. The presentation is now available online for anyone who missed the session to catch up with it. Whether you are an experienced presenter or if 4WCWS is your first international conference, we are confident you will benefit from this webinar.

Download the slides here (PDF 1,500K), take a look at the results of the pre-webinar survey here (PDF 68K). Many thanks to Expedia Group for hosting this fantastic session!

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